Introduction to the Profession of Floristry. Tools. Technical materials.
Lesson 1
Rules and basic techniques for working with plant materials.
Lesson 2
Forms of growth and the importance of flowers.
Lesson 3
Types of texture in Floristry. Principles of Distinction.
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Color Theory in Floristry. The meaning of colors. Cold colors.
Lesson 6
Rhythm. Line. Rhythmic Design.
Lesson 7
Rhythm. Line. Arrhythmic Design.
Lesson 8
Color Theory in Floristry. The Color Circle. Warm colors.
Lesson 9
Fundamentals of Composition. Symmetry.
Lesson 10
Fundamentals of Composition. Asymmetry.
Lesson 11
Growth points and their number and location.
Lesson 12
Fundamentals of competition. The Golden Ratio. Proportions.
Lesson 13
Dominance in Composition.
Lesson 14
Contrasts and Nuances.
Lesson 15
Optical Balance.
Lesson 16
Movement in Composition.
Lesson 17
Styles in Floristry. Vegetative style.
Lesson 18
Styles in Floristry. Form-linear style. Horizontal Proportion.
Lesson 19
Styles in Floristry. Form-linear style. Vertical Proportion.
Lesson 20
Styles in Floristry. Decorative style.
Lesson 21
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